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Welcome to the Centre For Soil & Health

The topsoil of the Earth in which we grow our crops is literally the base of our existence, health and life. The Centre for Soil & Health brings people back to this base, shares knowledge and gives people the tools to manage the soil in a healthy way, so that healthy crops, animals and people can thrive from a healthy soil. The Centre for Soil & Health is the central place to share this knowledge through courses / lectures / conferences.

The importance of a healthy living soil

A healthy, living soil is of vital importance for everything that lives on Earth. Health and vitality of life are directly linked to the availability of nutrients in the ecosystems. These arise directly from the living soil. The ecosystem on land starts in the top 30cm of the Earth. The cycles of raw & organic materials on Earth find their connection in the soil, these materials are transformed by the metabolism that takes place here into nutrients for plants, animals and humans. The microbiology in the soil plays a major role in this. The survival of life on Earth as we know it depends on how people deal with the soil and the life in it.

- Development Plan -

1st Phase

Further purchases & renovation of the location

2nd Phase 

Start-up Training. Practical training for independent soil counselors

3rd Phase

Internal reconstruction of location, further development of accommodation

Location & Rental

Hoeve Vrede Oord is an old long facade farmhouse with a rich agricultural history. National monument (listed building) and part of the main buildings of the former estate Vrede Oord, more information about the history can be found here: Historisch onderzoek Leenders Vrede Oord (In Dutch)

It is possible to rent our multifunctional space the Hooyzolder per half day, request or more information via the Contact Form

Investors & Partners


GroeiBalans (GrowthBalance) Beheer BV 

As GroeiBalans, we have been located at this site since 2007, the birthplace of one of our owners. We love to be in this location that offers us everything to allow our company to flourish. The natural environment, agricultural history and possibilities of the location are of course inspiring.

The mission and vision of GroeiBalans focuses on the themes of the “Centre for Soil & Health”. That is why we have taken the initiative to establish this centre. We do this with the idea that the theme of Soil & Health is crucial in solving various problems within the agricultural sectors, but also in the interest of the general health of everything that lives on Earth.

We want to further expand the location and make it a brand on the theme of Soil & Health. A place where knowledge is shared with the next generations. But also a place where social health is given space in the community. For this, the location must be secured for the future. Hence, together with other investors, we have formed an investment fund and a foundation that owns the location.

Option to invest
We seek further cooperation with new investors for the further elaboration and realisation of our plans and ideals. We would like to inform you about the conditions and possibilities, we do this discreetly and confidentially, you can use the contact form to express your interest or questions.

Quote fellow investors from the very beginning:

Vrede Oord de Moeren, the name alone is so beautiful!

Why have we invested in this project? That is not easy to explain, because we do this for many reasons. The main ones are:

  • incredibly beautiful location, partly where our roots lie
  • the motives of the initiators
  • a centre for “soil-and-health” and then health in many forms
  • extra attention for the weaker members of our society
  • the sustainable character of this project and therefore a sustainable investment

It is these things that, if you are lucky enough to be able to invest in them, that really add value to your life and that of our children and grandchildren.

We are convinced that initiators and their environment have a bright future, in which we can also play a nice role in the background.

Vrede Oord means place of peace.


Social Activities

All kinds of social activities are taking place at the Centre for Soil & Health, now and in the future, partly to maintain the location and keep it running economically, but also as charity activities.